How it Happens

Contact and Communication

You can contact me by phone, text or email.

As we work together, I will do my best to be available by any of these methods during normal business hours, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain time, and to respond as quickly as possible.

Any successful collaboration includes fast, clear communication.  Once you decide to work with me on any project, I’ll do my best to make myself available!

Going Forward

We should meet in person, if possible. We can then decide the appropriate way in which to create a lasting memory for your family.

This meeting will clarify the scope and size of the project, as well as the timeline, and will help ensure your desired outcome. I will begin to gather information I may need to start work.

About 10 days after our first meeting, we should schedule a second meeting.  You can then provide me with any additional direction or insight you have on the project, and likewise I can bring you up to date on my findings and my thoughts about the best possible presentation format.


I will do extensive research, starting with whatever material you provide.  Please note that it is sometimes difficult, aka time consuming, to wade through government and/or military databases, but information gleaned there is often a happy surprise for those who wish to learn more about lost or missing loved ones.

My goal is to incorporate your memories (audio, video or written) into a research-based final product that will do justice to your loved one(s.)


I am happy to follow your lead on this.  If you prefer to be in regular and close contact during our project, that’s absolutely fine.  If, on the other hand, you prefer to let me do my work and only check in periodically, that’s fine too!

I do prefer to work with one point of contact during the entire process.  There may be several people who have a stake in the outcome, but as far as communicating to me with directions or guidance, clarity is key. Too many chefs spoil the soup!

Review of First Drafts

Typically, you will receive a first draft within about 30 days, depending of course on the size and scope of the project.

Please review carefully and get input from your family members, as you need. The most important aspect of the work at this point is making sure that the tone, the message and the  format are right.  We can fine tune during the second and/or third draft, as needed.


After the project is finished, you should have exactly what you want, in the right format, that honors and remembers your loved one.  If it isn’t exactly right, I would be happy to work with you to make the changes you feel are necessary.