Whatever your fundraising needs... from a sales letter to the complete package, I have the skills and experience to fill those coffers.
Letters start at $1,500 with complete packages beginning at $2,000.

Telemarketing Script

Starting at just $500, this is a great way to drive revenue and gain a customer base. Make the phone ring (and the cash register, too!)

Renewal Letter

An annual appeal, focusing on why they know this is a good service, or institution to participate in, is a great way to retain donor support. This service starts at $1,500.

Postcard Copy

Single or double sided, this tool of direct mail is only as effective as the ask and the offer. Make sure yours is crafted to reflect your brand, starting at $750.

Brochure Copy

I specialize in brochures by the page. Starting at only $750 depending on what story you want to tell. We have the flexibility to go into detail about your product or service.

Article or Advertorial

Customized to fit any specific length, detailed articles or advertorials begin at just $1 per word. Let's talk about what you want to talk about.

Web Page Copy

Find your customers online, looking for you! And once you’ve found them, speak to them in their language. Pages start at $750.

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My Expertise

My areas of expertise are in the fields of nonprofits dealing with healthcare issues, and alternative health practices.

Here’s an example of what I can do:  When it became clear, several years ago, that kidney function could be measured by glomerular filtration rate, two things happened.  First, all of the National Kidney Association affiliates were directed to focus on this as a way to alert both patients and providers of this new indicator.

Second, it became evident that almost no one could pronounce or spell glomerular filtration rate!  So I came up with the tagline, “Know Your GFR!”  Problem solved, and the campaign is still used today.

I was also a practitioner of an ancient Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jyutsu.  (Even spellcheck couldn’t come up with a replacement for that.)  As a sole practitioner, I had to market both myself and the art, which I did successfully over a nearly 15-year career, finding ways to explain the name, what it means, how it helps when allopathic medicine could not, and how it differs from other alternative health modalities.

In the process I learned a great deal about nontraditional approaches to health, I learned the specific language that is used among various practitioners, and I can use that to market these different practices effectively and succinctly.

Use my Contact Alex page to let me know how I can help you grow your business.